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How it works?

Do you run a B&B?

FREE of charge and spend a couple of minutes adding photos, a description and what you would like to barter in exchange for your hospitality. Then wait for bartering offers from all over the world and decide whether or not you want to accept them.

Are you a guest?

FREE of charge, decide where you want to go, find a B&B that you like, check its wish list and offer your goods and skills in exchange for accommodation. Then wait for the B&B to reply and pack your cases!

About Barter Week

Every B&B accommodation listed on barterweek.com will host guests in exchange for goods and services on a date of your choice between 19th and 25th November 2018.

Choose a B&B

Browse photos, read descriptions, reviews and features, see the position on the map. Then, check out the host's "barter wishes" i.e. a list of goods and services he/she will accept in exchange for hospitality and then make your bartering offer through the website form. If a host doesn't show a specific wishlist you can place any bartering offer.

It's all about imagination, flexibility and fun.

Get ready to offer your favourite collection of comic books or your marketing expertise, Argentine tango lessons, an ethnic meal, professional photographs or English lessons. The more you have or you know, the more you can offer!
The host will accept or reject your offer, as well as he/she can negotiate in order to close the deal.
If you both come to an agreement, just pack your bags and get ready to travel. Don't forget to include, in your luggage, everything you need to honor you agreement.

Happy barter week!

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