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Cyprus halloumi will soon be on the markets of China

Tuesday signed a protocol on the export of Cypriot dairy products in China between the Minister of Agriculture and Minister Costas Cadiz General Administration of China Customs Neither Yue Feng.

Cadiz No Yue Feng thanked for allowing imports of Cypriot dairy products, especially halloumi, and requested to speed up procedures for registration and licensing of Cypriot dairy plants.

Neither Yue Feng praised production standards Cypriot dairies and expressed confidence that the Cypriot halloumi will soon be available on the Chinese market.

During the meeting, Cadiz also raised the question of the completion of the export to China of other Cypriot products process, in particular Mediterranean fish and potatoes.

Cadiz Minister during his visit is going to visit the 1st International Exhibition of imports in China, which will mark the beginning of a new era for the Chinese market. Cadiz will also hold a series of meetings with Chinese companies on the export of wine and other food products in order to further the implementation of the Chinese market.

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